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A guest blog from our Strategy Consultant, Julia Bland: In amongst the emporium of buzzing concessions on the ground floor of Liberty, my eyes were drawn to a slightly jarring, floor-to-ceiling orange ‘chamber’, flanked by a row of black and white photographs. It soon materialises to be a scent chamber; the ultimate in olfactory purity, […]

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A guest publication from our Strategy Director, Emma Woodhead White: Finish up that kale salad. Drink up your homemade smoothie. It’s Friday and time for some scrummy indulgence. And with more and more restaurants opening up across the capital, we are spoilt for choice. So what do you feel like? When my husband suggested a […]


A guest blog from our Strategy Consultant, Julia Bland October 2014 saw Android perfectly encapsulate its upbeat spirit and effortlessly contagious Zeitgeist with its “be together. not the same” campaign in honour of the newly-launched Lollipop operating system. Through a humorous series of short clips and eye-catching print ads that continue to turn heads on […]

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A guest blog from one of our Strategy Directors, Emma Woodhead White: Goodness, Happiness, Mindfulness, Consciousness – words that we hear a lot of at this time of year as we munch on our goji berries, ‘Nutribullet’ our veggies and vow to give our Headspace app another whirl. So here comes another wholesome word – […]


A guest post from Emma, one of our Strategy Directors… As the ominous sounding ‘Black Friday’ looms and throngs of gift-hungry shoppers head to the high street and ready their ‘refresh’ buttons, we can’t help but admire the stoic authenticity and festive escape annually re-mastered by some of Britain’s most-cherished luxury retailers. Stepping out of […]


On the one hand, the Isabel Marant pour H&M collaboration has benefited both brands – Isabel Marant gained the coverage and cult following (just think of future sales), and H&M scored another big hit for delivering another inspired collaboration. But look a bit closer and I can’t help thinking it was a missed opportunity, or […]


Pleased to share a guest post from Katy…. Just saw an interesting article in Marketing Week that raises the issue of who within an organisation should take responsibility for its culture. In the boardroom – they write – there needs to be someone who champions the ‘consumer voice’, making sure that the internal culture reflects […]

Barclays x People-Made

We happened to be on site with Barclays this month when their leadership team announced the bank’s new purpose and values. As every plasma screen switched to a live feed of the Board address, it was interesting to see the floor down tools en-masse and tune in. They were told that the new values (which […]

Brand is what the brand does

Promises, promises. When brands stay true to their word, consistently, and sometimes in surprising ways – they earn our trust. Take Patagonia – the outdoor clothes company is obsessed with minimising its environmental impact – so much so that it promoted the sales of its secondhand clothes on ebay. Far from cannibalising it’s revenues, it […]

Leading with purpose

In 2012 I was asked by Calling Brands to research and write a thought piece on purpose and its impact in the workplace. It was called Crunch Time and it started with the premise that businesses are finding themselves ever-more reliant on their people at the same time as finding it ever-harder to bond with […]